Thrash 'n' Crash is a 1-Vs.-3 minigame in the game Mario Party 8. In this mini-game, three players on

Thrash 'n' Crash

skateboards must avoid traps that will be set off by the single player.


The three players will ride in on skateboards, while the single player follows them in a hovercraft.


The 3 players turn the Wii Remote forward, backward, left, or right to avoid traps. The single player points the remote at the screen and must click on a trap with the A button to activate it. When one of the 3 players falls victim to a trap, they're out. These traps include barrels, Bullet Bill, giant rolling wheels, as


Three players try to survive a booby-trapped skateboard course. The solo player shoots traps to activate 'em!


Looking for booby traps? Watch your cursor's color! On the run? Teamwork tip: Stay separated!

well as obstacles that are already set such as walls and Whomps. If all three players are eliminated, the solo player wins. If at least one player survives the course, the trio wins.


If the three players won, they will ride under a bridge that the single player stops at, and do a small victory pose. If the single player won, they will float past the gate leaving the three players behind, and do a victory pose. thumb|322px|right