Tag Battle is a Battle that is 2 vs 2. Players are teamed up and then battle. So teams share stars,coins,and candy.

Team Names.Edit

When teams team up, the team name is diffrent depeding on who is in the team. He is a list of all the team names.

Mario Luigi Peach Yoshi Wario Daisy Waluigi Toad Boo Toadette Birdo Dry Bones Hammer Bro Blooper
Mario Mario Bros. Power Players Fan Favorites Big Sarrios Flower Players 'Stache Clashers Fungi Fun Guys Soul Bros. Marionettes Super Snozzios BBQ Ribs Heavy-Blow Bros. 'Stache Splashers
Luigi Mario Bros. Waltzing Brawlers Green Machine Green 'n' Greedy Tango Tanglers Lean 'n' Mean Savage Sidekicks Scaredy Pants Cha-Cha Chasers Samba Smashers Cry Bones Longtime-Foe Bros. Blooper Scoopers
Peach Power Players Waltzing Brawlers Kind Hearts Sugar 'n' Spies Damsels in Success Sweet 'n' Sour Loyal Friends Boo-for-Teas High-Flair Pair Pink Superpowers Dry Thrones Glamour Hammer Royal Flush
Yoshi Fan Favorites Green Machine Kind Hearts Poached Eggs Tomboy Trouble Scrambled Eggs Good Buddies Hovering Friends Flutter Friends Egg Explosion Sky Bones Hungry Hammers Double Dippers
Wario Big Sarrios Green 'n' Greedy Sugar 'n' Spies Poached Eggs Mischief-Makers Double-Crossers Crazy Allies Double-Dealers Double Agents Rotten Eggs Dumb Skulls Scammer Hammer

Drenched Stench

Daisy Flower Players Tango Tanglers Damsels in Success Tomboy Trouble Mischief-Makers Double-Facers Bloomy Shroomy High Spirited Duo Perfumed Shroomy Gallopin' Gal-Pals Daisy Pushers Barn-Builders Bloopsie-Daisy
Waluigi 'Stache Clashers Lean 'n' Mean Sweet 'n' Sour Scrambled Eggs Double-Crossers Double-Facers Half-Cranky Duo Total Creeps Half-Pranky Duo Double Scammy Boneheads Stench Henchmen Bloop 'n' Snoop
Toad Fungi Fun Guys Savage Sidekicks Loyal Friends Good Buddies Crazy Allies Bloomy Shroomy Half-Cranky Duo Doom 'n' Shroom Zoomin' Shrooms Surprise Attackers Short Ribs Stealth Strikers Spray Players
Boo Soul Bros. Scaredy Pants Boo-for-Teas Hovering Friends Double-Dealers High Spirited Duo Total Creeps Doom 'n' Shroom Boo Duet Unfair Pair Scary Pair Bad Vibes Creature Feature
Toadette Marionettes Cha-Cha Chasers High-Flair Pair Flutter Friends Double Agents Perfumed Shroomy Half-Pranky Duo Zoomin' Shrooms Boo Duet Pink Powerhouse Double Trouble Smash Success Bloop-dee-doo
Birdo Super Snozzios Samba Smashers Pink Superpowers Egg Explosion Rotten Eggs Gallopin' Gal-Pals Double Scammy Surprise Attackers Unfair Pair Pink Powerhouse Bone Chokers Two-Timers What-the-Bloop
Dry Bones BBQ Ribs Cry Bones Dry Thrones Sky Bones Dumb Skulls Daisy Pushers Boneheads Short Ribs Scary Pair Double Trouble Bone Chokers What-the-Deuce Two-Toned Duo
Hammer Bro Heavy-Blow Bros. Longtime-Foe Bros. Glamour Hammer Hungry Hammers Scammer Hammer Barn-Builders Stench Henchmen Stealth Strikers Bad Vibes Smash Success Two-Timers What-the-Deuce Blooper Bros.
Blooper 'Stache Splashers Blooper Scoopers Royal Flush Double Dippers Drenched Stench Bloopsie-Daisy Bloop 'n' Snoop

Spray Players

Creature Feature Bloop-dee-doo What-the-Bloop

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