Speedy Graffiti is a 4-Player mini-game that is found in Mario Party 8.Edit


Speedy Graffiti


The first player in the game simply stares at the ocean as the birds are flying above the background. The player is surprised when a stone tablet falls down onto the ground, and the player stays away from this tablet. The screen then splits into four separate screens (one for each player) and the mini-game starts.


Spray-paint the shapes carved into the stones.


Trace the whole shape. Don't leave any breaks!


Wii Remote: Use the Pointer to move the cursor. Buttons: Hold A/B to spray-paint.


The players attempt to use the Wii Remote in their hands to aim their paintbrush on the screen. By using the paintbrush on the screen, the players attempt to spray paint the lined shapes that appear on several stone tablets. Players have to trace the shape properly by using the target on the screen so the tablet can break. After that, another tablet drops down onto the ground. The stone tablets feature different shapes, including a circle, a square, and a triangle. Players have 30 seconds to break as many stone tablets as possible. When time is up, all players run to their own tablets and look at the screen as the remaining stone tablets are destroyed automatically. The player(s) that managed to spray paint and break the most stone tablets wins the game.

Speedy Graffiti


Every player remains in their own individual screen, and winners do their respective victory pose while losers sulk.