Specter Inspector is a Duel Minigame in Mario Party 8

Specter Inspector


A piano is playing alone, and the camera zooms into a picture with various enemies. Then, when lightning strikes, the piano stops playing and the game starts.

The game is like Luigi's Manshion


The two players use lanterns to see in the dark. Then, they need to find three of the nine enemies: Koopa Troopa, Goomba, Amp, Red Boo, Flutter, Whomp, Thwomp, Piranha Plant and Penguin.(See lList of Characters) These enemies are hidden in objects, such as pictures, vases, the piano and the table. The first to find three foes wins. In some places, are hidden ghosts that made the character paralyzed by a short time.


Use the Wii Remote to shine the light around.

Use the Plus button to move around room


Find the classic foes hiding in the furniture! Find three first! Ghosts won't count toward your score!


You'll know if furniture is hiding something if it rattles when you shine your light on it.


The lights come on and all the enemies and the two participants are posing for the photo. The winner and the loser make their winning and losing poses respectively. The photo is taken and the camera zooms out to show the picture on the wall with two ghosts laughing next to it.