The Party Tent Menu is the menu you get when the player clicks the Party Tent butten in the Main Menu.

Some of the Party Tent Menu.

When it comes up,it asks the player what kind of battle he/she wants to do(Battle Royale,Tag Battle,and Duel Battle). Then it brings the player to the menu where he/she must sellect how many players he/she wants. Then it brings the player to the Characters menu, where you choose a character. Then it brings you to the the Characters Diffuculty Menu,where the player can choose the diffuculty of the player(If the player chose some of the players to be controlled by the computer).Then it brings the player to some other menus,like how many turns you want,If the player wants just the easy or all the minigames on, if Bonus Stars are on,how many Stars you have in the begging, E.T.C.

In the very end,it brings you to the area where you choose your Board,then you can start the game.