Mini-Games (or minigames) are small games played after every round in Mario Party 8. They are randomly chosen. Whoverer wins gets coins,and the next round starts. There are seven diffrent types of minigames. They are 1 vs 3,2 vs 2,4 player,Duel,Battle,Challeng and Last.
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The Minigame Arcade.

List of Minigames

1 vs 3 Minigames

One versus three minigames feature a soloist versus a trio. Although it seems the trio has the advantage, the minigames are designed so the soloist has an easier task and the trio has a difficult task. There are nine one versus three minigames in all.

Jointed Objectives

Defeating the Trio

Defeating the Soloist

2 vs 2 Minigames

Two versus two minigames are when two teams of two characters each fight against each other. There are ten two versus two minigames in all.

Same controls

Different controls

4 player free-for-all

Four player minigames are when four players are against each other. There are eighteen four player minigames in all.

Duel Minigames

Duel minigames are when two players fight each other. The winner uses a dart wheel to take either coins or Star from the opponent. If both players don't have anything, MC Ballyhoo will pay the winner 10 coins. There are twenty-seven duel minigames in all, and eight of them are two player versions of other minigames.

Battle Minigames

In Battle minigames, all players (or teams) throw in a specific number of coins. The first place winner takes most of the coins, the second place player takes some, and the third place takes only one. There are five battle minigames in all.

Challenge Minigames

Challenge minigames are only found in Star Battle Arena and Duel Battles in Party Mode. They are for one player only. If a player lands on a Challenge Space, the single player plays challenge minigame. If the player wins, he or she uses a dart wheel to find out how many coins they win. There are three challenge minigames.

The Last Minigame

The last minigame is the only minigame against Bowser. The player must defeat him to claim the Star Rod.

Extras Zone Minigames

These minigames are only found in Extras Zone. Players can either play as Mario series characters or Miis. There eight extra minigames in all, four of them can be bought at the Surprise Wagon in the Fun Bazaar.

Single player minigame

One or two player minigames

One, two, three, or four player minigame