Koopa Troopas (usually Koopas, occasionally Troopas ) are common enemies in the Mario series, usually
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Koopa Troopa!

displayed as foot soldiers of the Koopa Troop, under the direct leadership of Bowser. Since Super Mario 64, however, many Koopas have appeared who do not work for Bowser (or any other villain), some of whom even act as allies to Mario during his adventures. Koopa Troopas are turtle-like creatures with shells that come in many different colors, with red and green Koopa Troopas being the most common. Koopas, along with Goomba, are some of Mario's most common foes.

Mario Party 8Edit

In Mario Party 8, there is a rather notable Koopa Troopa called Holly Koopa who is quite minor in Shy Guy's Perplex Express, giving out money in exchange for candy when a player lands on her Green Space. In Duel Mode however, players must get 50 coins to her to win the match. Some other Koopa Troopas are found occupying the seats. There is also a green space that summons Kamek. Koopa Troopas also have their own board named after them in Koopa's Tycoon Town. Koopa Troopas are found nearly everywhere in this board from being bellboys to sitting on park benches. Some also act as taxis to get places. Another Magikoopa is found in Bowser's Warped Orbit. A Koopa Troopa is the main baker in Sugar Rush, a minigame. Other minigames they are in in Mario Party 8 include Picture Perfect where a flying Red Shell is one of the pictures, Blazing Lassos where they make a cameo, Breakneck Building in another cameo, Specter Inspector as an enemy to find, audiences in Fruit Picker, Pour to Score, Stampede, a biker in Moped Mayhem, and finally the proprietor in the Surprise Wagon and the music maker in the Carnival Calliope.