Hammer Bros. are Koopa Troopa commonly found in pairs (though not exclusively so) who wear light

Hammer Bro!

armoring and utilize hammers as their main weapons. Hammer Bros. first appear in the later levels of Super Mario Bros.

History in the Mario Party seriesEdit

Mario PartyEdit

Hammer Bro.'s first appearance in Mario Party was in a minigames called Hammer Drop. The object of the mini-game was to catch the coins and money bags thrown by Hammer Bro. while at the same time trying to avoid the hammers also thrown by Hammer Bro. This a coin battle game,and you can't loose.

Mario Party 2Edit

Hammer Bro.'s second appearance was in Mario Party 2 in a Minigame called Deep Sea Salvage, the object of this game is almost identical to the mini-game Hammer Drop from Mario Party. The player had to collect coins and money bags thrown by Hammer Bro. while avoiding the hammers, once again also thrown by Hammer Bro. except this game was played in the water instead of on a tower, thus there was no way for the player to go out.Edit

Mario Party 3Edit

In Mario Party 3 Hammer Bro. once again made various appearances throughout the mini-games that were present in the game.

Mario Party 5Edit

Mario Party 5 was the first game on that GameCube that Hammer bro. made an appearance in. In the game it appeared as a capsule, the capsules effect caused whoever stepped on it to get hit by Hammer Bro's hammers, and lose 10 coins. Hammer Bro. also appeared in the the mini-game Fight Cards as a referee, where his role was to decide the winner of a round and who would be eliminated.

Mario Party 7Edit

In Mario Party 7 Hammer Bro. appeared as an Orb having the same affect as the capsule in Mario Party 5 except that the owner of the orb would receive the ten coins taken instead of them going to waste. Hammer Bro. also appeared in the eight player minigame Hammer Spammer, where the eight players would have to doge the multiple hammers thrown by the four Hammer Bro.'s and the two giant hammers that would occasionally drop.

Mario Party 8Edit

Mario Party 8 is the first game in the Mario Party series that Hammer Bro. was made into one of the playable Characters. He was unlocked by beating the Star Battle Arena on all boards and then VS him on Bowser's board (Bowser's Warped Orbit) and win. (Note if you VS Blooper you will unlock him not Hammer Bro.)