Goombas are one of the Major Characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. They are brown mushroom like creaters
NSMBW Goomba-1-


with legs.Goombas are physically weak and are not much of a threat to Mario, since a single stomp usually defeats them. They are the very first enimies in Super Mario Bros.,and almost apear in eery single Mario game.

Goombas host there own board called Goomba's Booty Boardwalk. The goal is to reach aCaptin Goomba and get a Star from him.Other goombas are also seen on the board.Goombas appear in the background in Chump Rope, Swing Kings, Blazing Lassos and Fruit Picker. The object of the game in Paint Misbehavin' is to through paint on goombas. In Lob to Rob goombas host the minigame and chase the loser. Goombs also help the player make a basket in Settle It in Court. A Goomba also apears as one of the 9 findable characters in Specter Inspector and a driver in Moped Mayhem.