The Fun Bazaar is one of the many tents found in Mario Party 8. Here characters can spend the Carnival Cards
180px-Fun bazaar

Fun Bazaar.

that they have collected via playing through the Party Tent, Star Battle Arena, Minigame Tent, and Extras Zone.


Records BoardEdit

The Records Board compiles all of the information on the player's best records on minigames, the player's score in Test for the Best and records of the high scores of the Nintendo staff members in certain minigames. Note that the scores of the Nintendo staff members will not be available for viewing until they are purchased from the Surprise Wagon for 50 Carnival Cards.

Minigame WagonEdit

The Minigame Wagon.====Main article:Minigame Wagon==== The Minigame Wagon is a area where you can buy certin Minigames for a certain amont of Cards.

Carnival WagonEdit


A parade in the Carnival Wagon.

The carnival figures as seen in the Carnival Parade.The Carnival Wagon.The Carnival Wagon is an area resembling a mini stage that lets the player view all of the different carnival figures that they can purchase in the Surprise Wagon. When the player approaches the Carnival Wagon, they will be presented with two options: "Carnival Figures" or "Carnival Parade." If the player chooses "Carnival Figures," they will be able to view all the carnival figures they currently have lined up on a shelf. If they choose "Carnival Parade," they will see their carnival figures marching in a parade across the stage. When marching in a parade, each figure will appear in random order each time, and will perform an action of some kind when the player clicks on them (note that this will not happen if they are viewed on the shelf). Each figure can only be clicked on once each time the parade is started.

Carnival Figure ActionsEdit

Carnival Figure Action when Clicked On
DK's Balancing Act The Donkey Kong statue will roll a barrel back and forth on a flat surface without it falling off.
DK's Barrel Cannon The Barrel Cannon will fire three separate blasts of fireworks into the sky.
Dolphin Shuttle Swirl The dolphin will move back and forth as the waves move under it.
Shipwrecked Goombas The ship's cannon will launch a cannonball up into the air, which will fall back into the cannon, causing many Pirate Goombas to fall out of the boat.
King Boos Revenge King Boo will rise into the air and glow before coming back down again.
Hideaway Breakout The moon will rise above the house and multiple Red Boos will escape from the front door.
Perplexed Chef The Shy Guy chef will burn something in a pan on the stove, and will then spin around while holding the smoking pan.
Express Engine The train will release rings of colored smoke from its smokestack as it chugs along.
Koopa Crane The arm of the crane will extend and a banner will be released from the claw on the end.
Hotel Happiness Multiple coins will be poured into the hotel, and a happy Koopa bellhop will appear in front of the hotel.
Warped Space Shuttle The space ship will fall over onto its side, and Captain Shy Guy will roll out and then stand up and wave.
Space Colony Tower Bowser will pull the reverse lever as the tower spins around and multiple spotlights move back and forth.
Supershaken Soda A geyser of soda will shoot out of the can, causing a rainbow to appear.
Sugar Rush Surprise The strawberry in the middle of the cake will disappear, and a Monty Mole will pop out of the center instead.
Bullet Blitzer The helicopter will fly into the air and release multiple Goombas, after which it will come back down.
Party Karting The kart will spin around in circles and the back tires will smoke.
Spinning Boat Two Shy Guy rowers will row the boat in opposite directions, causing it to spin around counterclockwise.
Sweet Saucer The flying saucer will rise up into the air, and then release a large quantity of candy from a yellow beam underneath.
Flip the Chimp The chimp will shoot up the trunk of the tree, and then come spiraling back down the trunk again.
Big Bob-omb's Blast Big Bob-omb will detonate himself and fly into the air while releasing confetti before falling back down again.
Baby Penguin Frolic The baby penguins will stand up on the ice platform and dance around.
Podoboo Burst The main giant Podoboo will glow and then open up to reveal four smaller Podoboos which will hover over the main one before going back inside it.
Potted Piranha Plant The Piranha Plant will spin around in its pot twice.
Chain Chomphouse An angry Chain Chomp will emerge from the doghouse and bark repeatedly at the screen.
Poppin' Party Tent The top middle section of the Party Tent will fall away, and many colored balloons will emerge from inside it.
Star Carnival Stage Sparks will shoot up from either side of the stage, and a paper-thin Ballyhoo will appear in front of it.
Barrel of Fun Donkey Kong will pop out of the barrel and spin around.
Bowser's Fury Bowser will spin around on his platform and shoot flames out of his mouth.
Ballyhoo and Big Top Ballyhoo will tip his hat and speak into his microphone.
Test Take Off The Test for the Best hot air balloon will grow much larger, and then float upwards into the sky.

Surprise WagonEdit

Main Article: Surprise Wagon

In the Surprise Wagon the player can buy diffrent things for Cards The Surprise Wagon.M

Carnival CalliopeEdit

The Carnival Calliope is the place where the player can go to listen to music and sounds that they have purchased from the Surprise Wagon. It plays all music and sounds from the entire game. However, they must first be purchased at the Surprise Wagon for 30 Carnival Cards each.

Carnival Calliope MusicEdit

  • Welcome Music
  • Welcome to Mario Party
  • File Selection Theme
  • To the Star Carnival
  • Pick the Rules
  • Board Map Music
  • Treetop Temple
  • Booty Boardwalk
  • Haunted Hideaway
  • Perplex Express
  • Tycoon Town
  • Warped Orbit
  • Board Music 1
  • Board Start Theme
  • Here's the Star
  • Here's Your Chance
  • Go for It!
  • Lucky Route!
  • Do It, DK!
  • Bowser's Here
  • We've Just Begun
  • Who Won the Battle?
  • Who's the Winner?
  • Board Music 2
  • You're the Winner
  • How to Play
  • He's Coming?!
  • Help Arrives?
  • Go to the Lucky Route
  • You Got a Star
  • How Lucky
  • So Lucky
  • The Board Begins
  • Last Chance
  • Star Battle Music
  • Star Battle Begins
  • Battle Winner
  • You Cleared It Safely
  • Follow Bowser
  • All Cleared
  • You're the Superstar!
  • See you Later!
  • Minigame Music 1
  • How to Play Minigames
  • Everyone's Runnin'
  • All Messed Up
  • Chase and Overtake
  • An Unexpected Surprise
  • Feelin' Cyber
  • Happy-Go-Lucky
  • It's on Now
  • It's a Dead Heat
  • Minigame Music 2
  • Challenge!
  • Friendly Competition
  • Proceed Without Fear
  • Don't Miss This Chance
  • Last Match
  • It's a New Record
  • Minigame Winner
  • So Sad to Lose
  • It's a Draw
  • Various Music 1
  • Free Play
  • Crown Showdown
  • Flip-Out Frenzy
  • Tic-Tac Drop
  • Congratulations
  • Various Music 2
  • Test for the Best 1
  • Test for the Best 2
  • Test for the Best 3
  • Good Job
  • Not Bad
  • Try Harder
  • Extras Zone
  • Fun Bazaar
  • Carnival Parade

Carnival Calliope Character VoicesEdit

  • I Got a Star
  • Celebrating
  • Disappointed
  • Surprised
  • Hurt
  • Blown Away
  • Taunt
  • Boo
  • Here I Go
  • I Win
  • Hello!
  • Howdy!
  • See Ya!
  • Talk 1
  • Talk 2
  • Talk 3
  • Am I Right?
  • Laughter
  • Ohh!
  • Good Luck!
  • Hello!
  • Bye-Bye
  • Talk 1
  • Talk 2
  • Talk 3
  • Mmm-Hmm
  • Laughter
  • Surprised
  • Good Luck
  • Whoa
  • Bwahahaha
  • Disappointed
  • Roar
  • Blarrgh
  • Talk 1
  • Talk 2
  • Talk 3
  • Laughter
  • Huh
  • I'm Done For
  • Various Voices 1
  • DK Talk
  • DK Sad
  • DK Happy
  • Shy Guy Talk
  • Shy Guy Sad
  • Shy Guy Happy
  • Goomba Talk
  • Goomba Sad
  • Goomba Happy
  • Various Voices 2
  • Koopa Troopa Talk
  • Koopa Sad
  • Koopa Happy
  • Monkey Talk
  • Monkey Sad
  • Magikoopa Talk
  • Magikoopa Sad
  • Toadie Talk
  • Toadie Sad
  • Various Voices 3
  • Spear Guy Talk
  • Spear Guy Sad
  • Bandit Talk
  • Bandit Sad
  • Pianta Talk
  • Pianta Sad
  • Cute Pianta Talk
  • Cute Pianta Sad
  • Various Voices 4
  • Dolphin Talk
  • Dolphin Sad
  • Mowz Talk
  • Mowz Sad
  • King Boo Talk
  • King Boo Sad
  • Red Boo Talk
  • Red Boo Sad
  • Various Voices 5

Staff CreditsEdit

The Staff Credits booth will show all of the credits of the game to the player after it has been purchased at the Surprise Wagon for 100 Carnival Cards. MC Ballyhoo and Big Top will appear to the right of the Carnival Calliope and ask the player if they would like to see the credits.


  • Goomba is at the Records Board
  • Shy Guys are at the Minigame Wagon and the Carnival Wagon
  • Koopa Troopa are at the Surprise Wagon and the Carnival Calliope
  • MC Ballyhoo and Big Top are to the right of the Carnival Calliope