Flip the Chimp is a 4-Player and Duel Minigame that is found in Mario Party 8.
300px-MP8 FlipTheChimp

Flip the Chip


At the screen, the player will first see a Ferris wheel at the left and a hot air balloon in the sky at the right. Additionally, the Super Mario Bros. overworld music can be heard, but in carnival style. The camera moves and shows the player the trees that appear, the sun also appears in the background, and there is the red finish line strapped on all the trees. Then the camera moves down, as the player sees an Ukiki hanging on a tree, additionally; there is a character standing near to the tree. Suddenly, a coconut falls down and hits the Ukiki; hurting the Ukiki as the Ukiki screams and forcefully moves down while hanging on the tree. After that, three slots appear on the screen as each slot contains an Ukiki hanging on a tree and the character the players picked as the mini-game starts.


Get your monkey to climb the highest! Flip him to avoid the falling coconuts!


Watch the sky for coconuts! Use quick motions so that you're ready for the next one!


The players must hold the Wii Remote in a vertical position to play this mini-game. The players attempt to reach the finish line by controlling the Ukikis that are hanging on the tree. The players have to go up to win. During the middle of the mini-game, the coconuts fall down at either the left or right side of the tree the Ukiki is climbing on; these coconuts attempt to knock the players’ Ukikis down on the tree they are climbing up. The players can avoid it by switching sides the Ukikis climb on the tree. If the coconut successfully hits the Ukiki, the Ukiki will forcefully move down on the tree; wasting some time to reach the finish line. The player who has his/her Ukiki reached the finish line during climbing wins.


.The chimp of the winning player comes down, and Ukikis cheer as the victor does a winning pose.thumb|300px|right