Boo-ting Gallery is a 2-Vs.-2 mini-game found in Mario Party 8. It is based on the game Luigi's Mansion and
300px-MP8 Boo-tingGallery

Boo-ting Gallery

takes place in a mansion similar to Luigi's Mansion.


One team of two characters runs up a path leading to the gate of a haunted mansion with some Red Boos outside. The Red Boos vanish, the screen splits in two to accommodate both teams, and the game begins.


Make your way through the house exterminating Red Boos. The first team to defeat the Red Boo in the basement wins.


Teamwork tip! When facing several Red Boos, focus on a different side of the field than your partner.


Two teams will enter the mansion. In both teams there are two characters. The teams both shoot all the Red Boos in their way so they can keep on walking to the mansion. The team that destroys all Red Boos first wins.

First the teams will be outside the mansion. After defeating the Boos, they will go inside the mansion and reach the foyer. After the team defeats all Boos in the foyer, they will walk to the stairs but then they fall. The floor beneath them falls and the team appears in the underground. Both teams look around and then a giant Red Boo appears. After defeating it, the team that defeats the giant Red Boo first wins.


The winning team will then appear outside the mansion and both characters will do their winning pose. The losers can be seen inside the mansion through the mansion's windows running around the mansion and screaming while being chased by a Red Boo. thumb|324px|right


  • "Boo-ting Gallery" is a pun of a shooting gallery.