Boos (originally known as Boo Diddley) are common ghost-enemies in the Mario series that first appear in


Super Mario Bros. 3. They are a type of white spherical ghost with menacing and constantly open mouths. They are known for their large tongues and small "arms" of some sort. . It is revealed in Super Mario Galaxy that they speak in Booish.

Mario Party 8Edit

Boo from Mario Party 8.Mario Party 8, marks the latest game where Boo is a playable character in the Mario Party series. Boo's partner is Dry Bones, again. Red Boos appear in some minigames such as Boo-ting Gallery. Mario Party 8 also marks the first appearance of King Boo, who is the board host of King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. In this board, Boos appear in the background. One of them owns an Item Shop.